Refrigerant Management Solutions (RMS), a division of DC Engineering, is focused on strategy development, compliance administration, and compliance training for refrigerant usage.

The RMS team will listen carefully, help bring clarity, and provide dynamic solutions in the complex refrigerant industry.



With the acquisition of KW Refrigerant Management Strategy, DC Engineering has expanded its offerings in refrigerant management and compliance services to help address the increasingly important issues facing refrigerant users today.

I am proud to have DC Engineering carry on the work of KW Refrigerant Management Strategy and am confident that our like-minded approach to supporting clients will continue under the RMS banner.


Keilly WitmanFounder of KW Refrigerant Management Strategy


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Phase down strategies…

Low GWP refrigerant options…


Facility owners and operators are facing an array of regulatory mandates, alternative refrigerant solutions, and codes & standards that must be reconciled with the needs of the business. These issues call for a holistic refrigerant strategy.



RMS will help address both the long-term strategic issues, as well as the immediate operational and administrative needs surrounding refrigerant compliance. Our team provides support and expertise in order to address questions such as:

  •   Do you have a roadmap for your refrigerants that meet your business needs, as well as State and Federal Regulations?

  •   Are you confident that your Operations & Maintenance policies and procedures are defined for both reporting and documentation requirements?

  •   Do your contractors and other team members have the training to help ensure your compliance strategy is successfully executed?