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The Chronically Leaking Appliance Rule: How It Works  (Part II)

The Chronically Leaking Appliance Rule requires you to calculate a new type of leak rate every time you add refrigerant to an HVACR appliance with a full charge size of 50 or more pounds of a regulated refrigerant. You’ve always had to calculate either the rolling average leak rate or the annualized leak rate after adding refrigerant, in order to determine whether you’ve exceeded the leak repair threshold in the regulations. Now you also have to calculate your calendar year leak rate to see whether you trigger the mandatory reporting of an appliance as “chronically leaking.”

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California Turns Up the Heat on HFC Refrigerants

On the face of it, there are five main strategies for coping with this ban – not counting hope. While I don’t discourage hope in general, I don’t count it as a legitimate strategy for dealing with the consequences of federal or state refrigerant regulations. It may be true that there’s no crying in baseball, but there’s plenty of crying among those who counted on hope as a strategy to prepare for refrigerant regulations.

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